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Obesogens are processed and refined sugars, flours, fats and salt found in processed and fast foods.  It is said that foods made from these ingredients are for your convenience.  Unfortunately, they taste good, we start craving them and when we eat them, we can’t stop eating until they are all gone.    Sure, they taste good but they are not good for us because they will make us FAT.  If it’s no work to eat or prepare them and we eat more than a daily serving size, it will take a lot of work to work it off.  Many times we are too tired to work out, so all of those calories are stored as fat.  Since 3,500 calories equal 1 pound of fat, eating a lot of high caloric meals, snacks and sugary soft drinks, without burning them off with aerobic physical activity, leads to fat storage around the abdomen and expanded waistlines. However, getting the fat off is a billion dollar industry and manufacturing foods that please the palate regardless of their nutritional value is a highly profitable endeavor.  So, remember, obesogens may be profitable for some but like pathogens, they are not good for our health.

Here are the top 10 Obesogens:

  1. Pizza

  2. Mac and Cheese

  3. French fries

  4. Cheeseburger

  5. Cake, cookies, pies

  6. Ice Cream

  7. Potato Chips & other salty snacks

  8. Sugary soft drinks

  9. Processed/Enriched Flour

  10. White Rice